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Well, as you can tell I am behind in posting due, mostly, to my inability to load photos to attach to the daily doins'.  I do despair.  But in the mean time Jeff has gone to Austin to see the Texas group and help put together a swing set we sent via the post.  It said "2 people, 3 hours".  I figure the English translation is " 2 people 3 days or 3 people 2 days"  in any event Zoe and Wil will have a new set to play on at the conclusion....what could be better?   

To catch up I had lunch with Silvia Gawecki and her darling photo Sil...yeesh!

And my cousin Steve and his wife Pat blew thru on their way to Fallbrook for the annual lemon pick.  They look great and have been in San Francisco helping in out with grandchild #3....Miss Kate!

Off tomorrow to Arizona for a wedding reception honoring my friend Allison and her new husband Dick.  We were work mates at Nordstrom....back in the day!!!  Should be fun but must return Monday for a Tuesday Residential 911 consulation~


Not so much!
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Honey Prepares for the Road Trip

Honey, hearing that we will be on travel checks her passport!  Thankfully she has not expired.

I'm  sure new collar and lead cannot be far behind!

p.s. I am so proud I figured this photo thing out!  Only took 3 hours....retired you know!
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Changes coming

Last night Jeff and I spent 4 hours listening to "retirement stories" of fellow Chaffey District teaches he knows that are retiring this year.  Can it be he will be among the "retirees" next year?  Did I not JUST take a photo of him resplendent in long sleeve dress shirt and a TIE!!! as he went off on his 1st day a teaching? 1970.
It's possible!
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Getting Ready

Somehow I thought retiring would enable me to relax, slow down, smell the roses.  Not yet!  In less than 3 weeks; 3 bulldogs, Bulldog breeder extrordinare, Kay Gray, and I take off for a 3 week trip of Colorado, Idaho and Montana to attend various dog shows.  As you can imagine much planning has gone into this trip.  My thought, if I can figure out how to do this on the road, is to report in and keep this journal as we go.  
I am going to be in touch with my daughter, Amanda, to see if she can talk me thru photo down loads.  Wish us luck!!!!!